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VW RNS 315 Europe West map V9 SD 2017

Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain,
Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Leichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands,
Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City.

Readme file how to use it inside package.
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part01.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part02.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part03.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part04.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part05.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part06.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part07.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part08.rar (500.0 Mb)
Klone_mikroSDHC_SDXC_for_RNS-315_Western_Europe_2017_V9_SD_card.part09.rar (430.1 Mb)

  1. Please, I need RNS315 V4 South America MAPS 2017 archives.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks a lot for the upload, however:

    “Klone mikroSDHC_SDXC for RNS-315 Western Europe 2017 V9 SD card.part08.rar: CRC failed in RNS_315_west_v9_2017_navpsf_update.part1.rar. The file is corrupt”.
    Tried different mirrors, error is the same.

  3. Allo ? Help me please

  4. I have a Mac.

    1. Which App I should use for unpacking the downloaded files?
    2. Is it said in the Readme file how to use the downloaded files before you download them to a SD-card?
    3. Is there any specifications for the SD-card?

  5. Hello, it’s the first time when I’m doing this, and from what I have read I’m not sure if I understood it well, and my question is: Do I have to boot the SD card before doing this ?

  6. hello, i need to know also CID ? or just copy and paste to any SD card ? thanks!

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